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Artist-designed bedding, table linens, holiday and home decor for the specialty retailer.


How We Design

While there are many sources for tracking trends in color, fabric, and furnishings, we see things very differently at C & F: Art is the heart of product design for home decor.

We translate for everyday living, taking inspirations from the past and present, in style & color. Finding strength and identity in the past helps us move into the future. Fabulous ideas often derive from reflections of the sense of adventure & travel, textiles & patterns from cultures of far away lands, as well as in our front yard: Americana.

Twice a year, our skilled and knowledgeable C & F design team introduces newly designed home lifestyle collections. With our pulse on market trends, industry tradeshows and color forecasting research, we are able to offer exclusive and affordable products to our C & F customer.

Color forecasting provides color and trend direction and contains visual inspiration, suggesting color harmonies for the upcoming season. Imagery and color transport into storyboards that reflect all of the design industries in a cohesive parallel.

Our Mantra: A welcoming and comfortable feel, enriched by unexpected materials and beautiful color, for a style that's classic but never predictable.

We Invite You Into Our World. Enjoy!

How We Design
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